Making furniture can be a great way to hasten your creativity and skills, and you can earn from them too. It can be pretty hard to survive out there since the competition is tough because a lot of furniture brand that are popping here and there nowadays. If you love furniture so much, try to show that passion in your products and customers will greatly appreciate what you’ve done. It can challenging to find ways to fund your own artistic and very design-oriented business like this one. And also, it can be challenging to stay relevant in your field because the trend and style is always changing.  People gravitate towards designs that are unique, has its brand and a wholesome quality.

These questions below have been asked before by a lot of successful furniture makers now. These will guide you before you plunge into the business.



What type of furniture do I want to sell?

This is one of the vital points that you need to answer before you delve into the business plans. There are a lot of variety of furniture that is available online and on physical stores everywhere. You have to be very certain on what type of you want to sell because it will have a big impact on you brand, business and marketing model and about everything that is about your business. An example of this is that if you want to focus on making leather couches, you will more likely get the demographics of family members and you will more likely sell it at an affordable price.


What’s the right price point for my products?

Consult financial experts and ask the right price point. The price point can be determined by a lot of factors. It could be the tools and the raw materials that you need in making a certain design and who you plan to sell it too. Choosing the right price point can either make or break your company. It could be that your price is too expensive for the type of furniture that you produce, you will more likely sell at a very low volume. On the other hand, if you sell for too low of a price, you’ll more likely to lost your profits.


Who are you going to sell your products to?

Who are your target market for your products? Do you want to sell to retailers and collaborate with home depots? You have to know who you’re going to sell your products because it will have an effect on your price points, quality of products, and the distribution of your products.


How do you protect your design?

One of the most important question to think about is how you protect your design especially if you dedicated time and effort in planning and creating it. There are hundreds of designs out there that has been here for the last century and there is a big chance that some designs will resemble yours. If you wish to keep it to your name, patent your design yourself.


Upholstery cleaning is one of the thing that you want to think about in furniture selling and buying. Make sure that you don’t take it for granted.

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