Effective Hacks to Stay Cool Once Your Air Conditioner Is Broken

The last thing you want this summer is to have a broken air conditioning unit. But when this, unfortunately, happens to you, your need to follow the hacks and tips listed below so that you can stay cool in your home and prevent suffering and sitting in the heat as you wait for your?aire acondicionado inverter in Caguas, Puerto Rico?to get fixed.

Make a makeshift air conditioner

You can make your personal and customized air conditioner using a fan and ice. First, you have to get some mixing bowls and then generously put ice in them. After that, put the bowl full of ice in front of your table fan. With this, the warm air that comes from your fan will start to melt the ice that will then serve as a refrigerant, cooling down the air that’s passing through. All you need to do now is simply sit close to the fan and take in some cool, nice air. You can keep on doing this process until your AC unit is repaired.

Open the windows during nighttime

During the nighttime, you can expect that the temperature will be gradually decreasing, which can help you to keep your house cool. Hence, take advantage of this and open your windows at night to let the hot air compressed during daytime escape out of your home. As a result, it also lets the cool air make its way within your house. Just guarantee to close your windows again in the morning to allow the warm air from getting inside your home.

Lower the shades

A lot of people like having natural lighting in their homes. However, the rays of the sun that peaks through your window can create a greenhouse effect within your house. As the day goes by, your home temperature will just keep on climbing without getting any relief. One way to prevent this and to help keep the sunlight out of your house is to lower the shades and drawing the curtains. What you lack in natural lighting can be made up by making your atmosphere cooler.

Use cool towels

One more way to escape the heat is to lower your body temp. Get 2 towels and run cold water on them. Put one of the towels around your neck and the other n your freezer. The cold sensation that you’ll feel on the back of your neck can naturally help to reduce your body temperature, which can help you feel cooler at the same time. As soon as the coolness of the first towel is gone, you can change it with the other towel you prepared in the freezer.

If your AC units get broken, feel free to follow the helpful tips presented to you so that you’ll be kept cool and feel comfortable as you wait. Never forget to reach out to the expert team of a reputable HVAC company and their skilled technicians for any HVAC services you want to get.